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A New Metro Bus System Will Arrive to Cancun and the Riviera Maya

This year, a new metro bus system will start operating in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Due to the high demand for transportation from Cancun to Tulum and vice versa, it has been decided to build a metro bus that will cover this busy route.

Francisco Palma Leal, president of the Board of Directors of Autocar, has announced that the metro bus will start operating this year. This will not only help people who travel daily to these directions but also reduce the negative impact caused by cars.

Metro Bus Riviera Maya

The Metro Bus will Transport Around 50,000 Passengers per Day

The metro bus will require an initial investment of 250 million pesos. However, the project will be in alliance with companies like Turicun, Autocar, Maya Caribe, and Cooperativa Buenfil. Palma Leal also mentioned that the metro bus will transport around 50,000 passengers per day. The metro bus fleet station will be in Cancun and Tulum.

He also added that the metro bus will depart from downtown Cancun and will pass through the Hotel Zone before directing towards Cancun International Airport. There will be numerous stops during its route throughout the Riviera Maya. The metro bus will traverse a total of 104 kilometers.

Metro Bus Riviera Maya

An Affordable Price for Locals and Tourists

In order to provide an excellent service, each car will measure from 16 to 18 meters in length, with a capacity of 160 people. Additionally, it will have comfortable seats and free Wi-Fi access. Moreover, it will be affordable for both tourists and locals.

The vehicle motor will run on natural gas and will meet the Friendly Vehicles Advanced Environment standards. As a result, it will reduce particulate matter emissions and will not pollute.

Finally, this ambitious project is highly important not only because of its efficiency but also for being the first metro bus built in Quintana Roo. Furthermore, this transportation system will help many people and it is a modern, comfortable and safe alternative.

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