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Make Sure You Are Investing in the Best Place!

No matter if you buy a house or land. If your interest is financial or equity. There is a very important factor that you should not lose sight of when choosing: the surplus value.

If you are not familiar with this real estate concept, you may wonder what the surplus value is and why it is so important to take it into account. It is the increase in value of a house or lot, due to extrinsic circumstances and independent of any improvement made in it.

Although it is impossible to accurately predict the areas to be seen in the future and the time it will take, there are some factors that you should take into account that we describe below:

• Location

When purchasing a property, the surrounding area must be observed. Government buildings, shopping centers, hospitals, supermarkets, etc., can increase the value of the land or the house you are buying.

• Accessibility

No matter if it is a large modern house, if it is not accessible, this valuable factor could decrease its value.

• Services

The greater the number of services with which the land or house counts, the greater the added value. Drainage, sewage, street lighting and public transportation are essential. A good idea would be to ask the neighbors if any of these services is deficient before making a decision.

• Development plans

Knowing the future construction plans around the land or house you are thinking of buying is very important, because they could increase or decrease its value.

With all these factors in mind you can make a more successful decision at the time of purchasing. Remember that a thoughtful and analyzed investment is a safe investment; so if you are going to invest make sure you choose the best option for you!