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Don’t Miss Xavage, the New Adventure Park by Xcaret!

If you’re into bold adventures, Xcaret has brought one of the most adventurous parks in the Riviera Maya. Xavage is the latest adventure park designed for adrenaline lovers. Nonetheless, it will also include fewer extreme activities so everyone can enjoy it!

This park offers 4 types of levels, depending on your boldness:

Xavage Soft:

This is where you begin to develop your sense of adrenaline. This level includes 3 activities such as Crocodile, a kayak and paddle adventure in an aquatic tour that promises lots of fun. The second activity is the Howler Monkey, an intense rope course where you can test your ability to climb and move over hanging ropes. Prove your strength, coordination, and balance. The third activity is designed for kids from 5 to 12 years old. The Tough Cubs area includes activities such as waterslides, bridges, fountains and a wading pool.

Xavage Xcaret

Xavage Hard, Extreme and Ultimate:

Add two, three or four extra activities! You can choose from these four extreme attractions:

Dragonfly: if you’re into speed, enjoy a thrilling fast jet road while an expert captain drives with unpredictable turns, twists, and changes of direction!

Barracuda: this activity is perfect to prove your teamwork. Barracuda is an electrifying rapid where you and your team will have to test your resistance and coordination to defeat the force of the water.

Hawk-Flight: this uncommon zip-line is perfect to experience how it feels to be a bird! Open your wings and fly through a horizontal zip-line while you enjoy a perfect view of paradise and the rush of the height.

Puma: drive an off-road vehicle and overcome a trip full of obstacles. It will be an enormous challenge to reach the finish line!

Xavage Xcaret

Xavage Food and Beverages:

After a long day full of adventures, visit the buffet! Xavage will feature a buffet restaurant with a variety of food. The park will open its doors on December 10th, 2018. It will be open from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Sunday.

Don’t miss out this adventure park, enjoy all the benefits of living in a wonderful city such as Playa del Carmen!


Winter in the Riviera Maya: 5 things to do in cold days

Kids in the Beach

The Riviera Maya is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Mexico, people from all over the world come to the Riviera Maya to enjoy a family-friendly holiday. The Riviera Maya offers its visitors a great variety of attractions: beautiful beaches, archaeological sites, enigmatic cenotes, beautiful colonial cities … the list is endless.

The tropical climate is another attraction, as many foreigners decide to spend part of the year away from North America’s cold winters. The winter temperatures in the Riviera Maya are quite mild (55 – 82 F), but sometimes there is a strong cold wind in the coast and many children refuse to go to the beach.

If you are living or visiting the Riviera Maya and the weather is getting on the way to go to the pool or the beach, do not despair! At Valle Bambu we put together these 5 great ideas of what to do with your kids in the Riviera Maya, especially on wintry or rainy days.

1.  Visit the New Aquarium of Playa del Carmen

Shopping center “Calle Corazon”

5th Avenue, Playa del Carmen


Cost of access $15 USD

Nationals $179

Quintanarroenses $149

INAPAM and PCD $140

Children under 3 years old are admitted free of charge!

This modern aquarium recently opened in the heart of Playa del Carmen, and it is one of the largest of its kind in the country. The aquarium has 3 levels and 8 exhibition areas, which makes it ideal to learn more about the sea animals that live in the Mesoamerican reef.

2. Test your senses to the limit in the 3D Museum

Avenue 10 between 10th and 8th Street

Playa del Carmen


Children: $20 USD or $320 pesos

Adults: $25 USD or $400 pesos

Quintanarroense: on Sundays there are discounts of 50% for those with a Quintana Roo credential.

This is an ideal family activity, especially on cold or rainy days. The paintings in this museum are completely flat, but the 3D effect is amazing. There is a good chance you will be in awe by the exhibition, make sure to take lots of photos!

Kids in the garden

3. Pump the adrenaline at Sky-Zone Cancun

Malecon Las Americas

Av. Bonampak, Cancun Quintana Roo

This is ideal when your children are full of energy. It is a trampoline park where your children can spend hours of fun. The place also offers services and amenities such as: restaurant area, free wi-fi, lockers, etc.

If you are completely worn-out, this is the place for you! You can enjoy a nice drink, have a snack, read or browse the internet or just talk to your spouse. Sky-Zone has a specialized staff that will keep the children safe, teach them to do somersaults, and supervise the fight pit; so your level of effort and supervision will be really low.

4. Have a wild day, go and see the animals at CrocoCun

Carretera Cancun – Tulum Km 31

Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo


Adult: $30 USD

Children from 6 to 12 years old: $20 USD

Children from 0 to 5 years old: FREE

Senior Citizen: $18 USD

CrocoCun is a park on the outskirts of Puerto Morelos, where you can learn more about the crocodiles and other animals from the Yucatan Peninsula.  The park also has on display other species of the area, such as: spider monkeys, birds, jaguars, etc.

This place is ideal for sunny days, as there are nice walking paths shaded by trees. A specialized guide will accompany you throughout the tour, passing from one exhibition to another and teaching you about the different animals in the exhibition.

CrocoCun is a popular family-friendly destination, they offer discounts to people over 60 and groups with 10+ people, as well as free access to children under 5 years old. Spend a nice day learning more about the Riviera Maya and its surroundings, you will not regret it!

Kid in the garden

5. Visit some of the archaeological zones of the area

The sunny and cool winter days are ideal to take the children to visit some of the archaeological zones of the region, such as: Xel-Há, Tulum and Coba. These places are ideal for children to learn more about the wonderful Mayan culture, as well as to keep them running, climbing and even biking and swimming.

Xel-ha and Coba are ideal places for children, as they are surrounded by nature, the structures can be explored and, best of all, they are small sites that can be explored for about an hour. Coba has a long distance between buildings, so you can rent a bike, take a bici taxi or walk; it’s ideal for energetic children.

Remember you can get in the archeological zones for free on Sundays, as long as you are a Mexican citizen or Resident.

The Riviera Maya has many attractions that your family will love, these are just a few of them. Most of these options are low cost, tours of short duration and are located within the Riviera Maya. Ideal for the weary parents living or visiting the area! We would love to hear your experiences and ideas about places to visit with children, please contact us if you want to share some ideas.

In Valle Bambu, we work hard to create an ideal community for family life. To see more, please check out our newest project: Arcos Bambu.