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Playa del carmen

Curiosities of Playa del Carmen

From the first time I arrived in Playa del Carmen, I was amazed by its beautiful and imposing trees, its white beaches and turquoise waters, and above all the majesty of its cenotes. This natural wealth coupled with the cultural diversity that is found in the region, makes Playa del Carmen a place to fall in love and stay.

Not surprinsingly, to date, Solidaridad has become the city with the highest population growth in southern Mexico. If this growth continues, it is estimated that the population would be doubling in less than 10 years.


Whoever has already visited this paradise knows that Playa del Carmen stands out for much more than its beautiful beaches; its vibrancy, its people, natural diversity and warm weather, make this beautiful city home for people from all over the world. That is why 60% of the population is non-native and 11% is inmigrant, of which almost half are from Argentina.

Ceremonia Playa

Another curious fact about Playa del Carmen is that it occupies the 6th place as a tourist destination for weddings and the first place of gay tourism in Mexico. And according to the well-known travel website TripAdvisor, Playa del Carmen was chosen as one of the 25 best destinations in the world in 2016; It is important to mention that it is the only Mexican destination in this list.

Whether you are planning a romantic or family trip, I guarantee that Playa del Carmen has more to offer than what you might be expecting. Perhaps you should consider buying a ticket with no return since you may also fall in love with this place and want to stay.

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