Don’t Miss Xavage, the New Adventure Park by Xcaret!

If you’re into bold adventures, Xcaret has brought one of the most adventurous parks in the Riviera Maya. Xavage is the latest adventure park designed for adrenaline lovers. Nonetheless, it will also include fewer extreme activities so everyone can enjoy it!

This park offers 4 types of levels, depending on your boldness:

Xavage Soft:

This is where you begin to develop your sense of adrenaline. This level includes 3 activities such as Crocodile, a kayak and paddle adventure in an aquatic tour that promises lots of fun. The second activity is the Howler Monkey, an intense rope course where you can test your ability to climb and move over hanging ropes. Prove your strength, coordination, and balance. The third activity is designed for kids from 5 to 12 years old. The Tough Cubs area includes activities such as waterslides, bridges, fountains and a wading pool.

Xavage Xcaret

Xavage Hard, Extreme and Ultimate:

Add two, three or four extra activities! You can choose from these four extreme attractions:

Dragonfly: if you’re into speed, enjoy a thrilling fast jet road while an expert captain drives with unpredictable turns, twists, and changes of direction!

Barracuda: this activity is perfect to prove your teamwork. Barracuda is an electrifying rapid where you and your team will have to test your resistance and coordination to defeat the force of the water.

Hawk-Flight: this uncommon zip-line is perfect to experience how it feels to be a bird! Open your wings and fly through a horizontal zip-line while you enjoy a perfect view of paradise and the rush of the height.

Puma: drive an off-road vehicle and overcome a trip full of obstacles. It will be an enormous challenge to reach the finish line!

Xavage Xcaret

Xavage Food and Beverages:

After a long day full of adventures, visit the buffet! Xavage will feature a buffet restaurant with a variety of food. The park will open its doors on December 10th, 2018. It will be open from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Sunday.

Don’t miss out this adventure park, enjoy all the benefits of living in a wonderful city such as Playa del Carmen!